1. Which securities exchange is Oxley Holdings Limited listed on?

    Oxley Holdings is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“Singapore Exchange”).

  2. What are the ticker symbols for Oxley Holdings?

    SGX: 5UX
    Bloomberg: OHL:SP
    Reuters: OXHL.SI

  3. When was Oxley Holdings listed?

    Oxley Holdings was listed on 29 October 2010 on the Singapore Exchange Catalist, following its initial public offering (“IPO”). It was subsequently upgraded to the Mainboard on 21 February 2013.

  4. What was Oxley Holdings’ IPO price?

    The shares of Oxley Holdings were priced at 38 Singapore cents each at its IPO.

  5. When is Oxley Holdings’ financial year-end?

    Oxley’s financial year-end is on 30 June.

  6. How often does Oxley Holdings release its financial results?

    Oxley Holdings releases its results on a quarterly basis. The results of its first three quarters are announced on or before 45 days after the quarter end and on or before 60 days after the financial year for full financial year results.

  7. How can I obtain the company’s latest and past annual reports?

    The company’s annual reports are available on the corporate website and on Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) website.

  8. When does Oxley Holdings usually hold its AGM?

    Oxley Holdings’ AGM is usually held in October.

  9. As a shareholder, when will I receive Oxley Holdings’ annual report?

    Shareholders usually receive the annual report 14 days before the Company’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

  10. How can I go about trading in the shares of Oxley Holdings?

    Share trading in Singapore is scriptless, and can only be bought through a local securities firm.

  11. Are there any restrictions to the ownership of shares in Oxley Holdings?

    There are no restrictions to local or foreign ownership of shares in Oxley Holdings.

  12. As a shareholder, who do I contact with regard to change of particulars (e.g., mailing address)

    The Singapore Central Depository (“CDP”) maintains the register of shareholders’ information for all companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. You will need to contact CDP directly with regard to changes in your personal particulars.